Ambrato flavours of Maremma

Ambrato is an extra virgin olive oil that captures all the essences of an antique and extraordinary land, cast between the Tuscan hills and the Mediterranean sea.

The name evokes colours at once precious, soothing and enchanting, arousing refined and aromatic scents. This is our olive oil, the exceptional fruit of our green-gold earth, whose qualities and unique characteristics are obtained through an early harvest performed rigorously in the first days of October. Its sweet aroma, bold and defined; its flavour, full-bodied with a tinge of spice. These are the main qualities of this excellent extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols. Exclusively obtained from olive trees of Tuscan variety, this prestigious extra virgin olive oil derives from olives that are cold-pressed when having only just reached maturity. This is the only method to ensure low-acidity, a characteristic that is rare even amongst the highest quality extra virgin olive oils.
certificazioniGuaranteeing the quality of our olive oil is the Consorzio IGP certification, an attestation that very few oils can boast; many brands are denied the certification due to the rigour of the quality controls and admission process. What is more, guaranteeing the quality and the provenance of the olives themselves is the “Tuscan” stamp, reserved exclusively for IGP-branded Tuscan oils. In fact, the “Italian” extra virgin olive oils widely-diffused on the market have ambiguous provenances and can be obtained pressing olives from any Italian region, from Liguria to Sicily; Ambrato, however, is the product of olives that are uniquely harvested and pressed in Tuscany, for over a thousand years the land of the Piccolomini Family.
Stemma PiccolominiLegend has that the Piccolomini Family traces its roots to the Etruscan king Porsenna. Pope Pius II, founder of the town of Pienza, then brought to grandeur the Family during the Renaissance era, establishing centuries ago the family name across Tuscany and Italy.
Of all extra virgin olive oils, the Tuscan are the most revered; and of these, the Ambrato is amongst the most refined, sought-after and sophisticated that Tuscany has to offer.
The extra virgin olive oil Ambrato can be purchased online, directly from the manufacturer, and available in:

• 750 ml bottle;
• 500 ml bottle;
• 250 ml bottle;
• 3 litre can;
• 5 litre can;
Ambrato extra virgin olive oil